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Above picture credit to the ever flawless Kayla even if she won't admit it

I find inspiration in just about everything. Bitch about nothing. Never said this was a quality blog. Just random things from a random girl. I try to give warning when posting content suited for viewers 18+ so you have been warned now.

Currently watching: Army Wives (S06)
Currently reading: Beautiful Creatures
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I’m watching Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

“Finally getting too see this… Might need to check the series out on book though”

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I’m watching Supernatural

“Season six episode 13”

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I’m watching Farscape

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I’m watching Resurrection

“WTF?! O.O”

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I’m watching Ride Along

“Funnier then i thought”

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I’m watching I, Frankenstein

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I’m watching Monsters, Inc.

“Had to follow up university with this!”

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I’m watching Monsters University

“First movie to be watched in 2014 :D”

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I just unlocked the Top TV Moment #1: Game of Thrones: The Red Wedding sticker on GetGlue

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We’re celebrating the Top 13 TV Moments of 2013! Here’s #1: The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. Thanks for reminiscing with us, and here’s to many more TV memories in 2014! Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at GetGlue.

I’m watching The Blacklist

“This show is better than i thought it would be!”

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